Getting Started

Step #1 – Attend a Free Intro Class

In every new endeavor there is a starting point – where you are right now. The next step for you is the “Free Intro to CrossFit” session at our gym. This session serves two purposes: 1) It allows you to get a feel for CrossFit and the atmosphere of the gym, as well as ask the trainers and members questions. 2) Provides us with a general idea of your current fitness capacities and goals. The session will take 30 – 40 minutes and involves a mini-workout, so dress accordingly!

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Step #2 – Become an Athlete

    • Attentive, qualified, enthusiastic coaching every time you workout with us.
    • Encouragement from your coaches and fellow athletes.
    • New skills, strength, endurance, confidence, and increased fitness.
    • Fun while working out.
    • Sweat.
    • Inclusion in a distinct community, dedicated to improving themselves, each other and the community around them.
    • Measured progress.You’ll see your results as you record your achievements.
    • No cell phones, televisions, negative comments, complaining, excuses.
    • No boredom by the same old routine.
    • No anonymity. Group size remains adequate to ensure quality instruction and interaction for everyone.