CrossFit Basix

CrossFit “Basix” for the fitness enthusiast

This is where EVERYONE will start. Exceptions will be on an individual evaluation.

This is the perfect program for those intrigued by CrossFit and the results achieved but without the dedicated heavy lifting or technical barbell lifts. The “Basix” workouts are great for beginners because they focus on movement quality rather than intensity, but the “Basix” workouts are not just for beginners. Like all of our workout options, these workouts are scalable and can be made as difficult as one could imagine. Even the most conditioned CrossFitters find them extremely challenging (and beneficial). The “Basix” workout is perfect for the individual looking to be strong and lean for the long-haul. Yes, you can get stronger and fitter without focusing on increasing 1 rep max.

We also offer in the “Basix” program the opportunity for the individual to learn the technical barbell lifts if they so desire too at their own pace.