Wendy’s Story

Looking back at the year it has been, I can see now how I let myself fall off the proverbial wagon. One of our children was diagnosed with a chronic illness last fall,with many days, weeks, months of testing, hospital stays, little sleep, eating whatever fills the void at the time. A traumatic facial surgery in May left me self-conscious, even though I knew that my worth was not external. Still, I struggled with my confidence and my appearance. I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, no real filter. I would try to cut back now and then, but honestly, since turning 40, I’ve had no drive, no motivation, no real desire to see a change. I was in a fog in all areas of my life, just going through the motions, at times. I happened to see Michelle’s post on Facebook, in August, and however it was worded, it got my attention.

I thought about it, mentioned it to my husband, and figured, at least check it out. CrossFit has never been on my radar, as I never thought I could do anything like that in my life. I met with Kirk one Saturday, and some girls had just finished working out and said how great it was. Kirk encouraged me to come a couple times before this 6-week challenge started, to see if I liked it and before I committed to it. So, stepping outside of my comfort zone and not knowing anyone, I came a few times before the challenge started. Despite the intimidation I felt, I met people right away, and I was quickly not intimidated anymore.

Once the challenge started, I was pretty comfortable coming and ready to see what this challenge was all about. Over the course of these 6 weeks, I have seen such a change in myself; not just physically either. I feel like I have come out of a 3 year fog. I’m happier, healthier, and I love the results that this challenge has given me. When my husband told me he could see a difference after only week 2, I knew I was in for the duration. With the help of Michelle, Nick, Amy, and most recently Al, I have learned much, gotten stronger and made some great friendships already.

Amy and I joke all the time now, because I told her early on that I really did not think I needed any more community in my life. From work, school, baseball, band, church, I felt that my community plate was full. But the Crossfit Triumph community has found it’s way on my plate, and I can’t imagine not having it now. Little did I know how much I did need them. So, from my small perspective, Triumph has strengthened, not only my body, but also my faith, my family and my relationships.

I come to the end of this challenge having lost 12 pounds, inches, and most of all, baggage. God gives us one body, one life. How I take care of it is a reflection of Him, and even though I will mess up, I am happy to reflect Him and the amazing creation He has given in this body. What the body can do is an absolute miracle, and to see my body working better and feeling healthier is only a testament of the strength He has given me to get this far. We’re all crazy busy. I’m in the crazy busy. But when I finally got to the point where I knew something had to change and I needed to care of myself, Triumph fit into my crazy.

My family has been a huge support, from my husband doing extra and helping me to have the time to go to workouts, to my kids cheering me on when they see my muscles and smaller clothes. 🙂

Thank you, Triumph, Michelle, Nick, Amy, and Al. You are all amazing coaches, and the way you work with people, including crazy newbies like me, is why Triumph is as loved as it is. I hope to continue in the program and see improved results, as I continue in this season of my life.