Maria’s Story: Training With your Teenage Son

My story…
I decided to try Crossfit at the suggestions of a friend.  I have always worked out and considered myself fit for my age, however, I was surprised at how different Crossfit “fit” is from the workouts I had always done.  I immediately fell in love with the challenge as well as the entire atmosphere of the box.

For me, however, the best part of joining Triumph, is the time with my teenage son.  After going for a couple months by myself, my son started showing an interest when I would talk about the day’s WOD at home. He gave it a try, and was hooked immediately.  I am loving every extra minute it allows us to be together.  It is so much fun watching him achieve new goals and improve himself physically and mentally. It is fun challenging one another and joking about our performance and who beat who that day. It puts him in a positive, supportive environment where everyone encourages him and cheers him on. The Triumph Crossfit family is made up of some really awesome people, and I am glad to have him interact with them.

I am having so much fun achieving new goals, becoming stronger and more fit every week, doing things I never thought I could do, and the best part is doing it all beside my son….PRICELESS!!