Stacy’s Story: I Didn’t Want to CrossFit, It Just Happened

I was overweight and depressed to the point that my doctor put me on prescriptions.  I was having panic attacks about life in general.  I had a rough start in life and just always dealt with it.  No matter how strong you are mentally, you eventually need to deal with the events and process them.

So I tried.  I put on a pair of sneakers and went out to run 3 miles, something I could easily do at 18 years old.  At 31, I barely made it a mile and I started to cry.  I was captain of my cross country team, top 10 in any race, and I could not make it even 1 mile.  Everything hurt.  I made it back home and I opened a beer, took a sip and threw it out.  I had snapped.  I realized right then that I needed to change; not just for me, but also for my son who I could hardly play tag with.

I ran for a year entering every race imaginable up to a 30 miler.  Life was better.  I joined a kettle bell class and learned some of the basic CrossFit workouts with it.   I was fit, goal-oriented and driven.

Over time though, the workouts started to get too repetitive.  Then one day, it happened.  I will never forget seeing my first CrossFit competition.  Coach Al was harder on his team than anyone else in the building despite the dominating lead his team had over the competing boxes.  It was clear he cared more about his team’s wellbeing than whatever the hell prize they were giving out for 1st place.  He never let anyone sacrifice form for a second.  Coach Al had the tough love demeanor I had been missing.  It was in that moment I knew I was about to enter the CrossFit world and never look back.

Fast forward to one year later, and it’s still not easy!  In fact, I don’t think I have ever left the box saying that.  What I now have is confidence, a fit family, the ability to play tag with my son and not be winded.   I have my health, support …do you need to hear more??

Maybe you just should come in and start making a change in your life.  Feel what it’s like to have a group of coaches and teammates completely invest in you.  Trust me, the doctors can prescribe drugs to make you feel better for a few hours and then it wears off.  This mental and physical training will stay with you always because when the barbell or dumbbell or kettlebell starts to feel to light, you can always add more weight.  You already know what it’s like to have the weight of the world on your shoulders.  Come in and learn how to push press it off!!


One Response to “Stacy’s Story: I Didn’t Want to CrossFit, It Just Happened”

  1. Amanda

    Thank you for sharing your story. You have just given me the motivation that I was looking for to run today ?