Amy’s Story

We all have different roads that have led us to where we are…

People say to me, “I don’t know how you do it…go exercise everyday” or “I could never do that.” I tell people you have to find something you love and yes you can.  I hate when people say they hate working out.  Then, find something that is fun!  I was always “tiny” and never put any thought into my weight, even when I blew up like a balloon after both pregnancies.  I have a supportive husband who loves me for me.

I’ve always been a tomboy and exercised in some capacity:  Track in high school, spin class, group fitness, weight room, you name it.  But, we didn’t put much thought into our nutrition and we even smoked cigarettes.  We were always up and down with exercise and nutrition, but we managed to quit smoking cold turkey.

Then, we received the news that my mom had to have open heart surgery.  She was born with a bad valve as a child, and it was inevitable she would need it replaced at some point in life.  After a nice FL Keys vacation, she had the surgery; and afterwards, she lived with us for months so we could help her with recovery.  She started therapy and began to regain a normal life. During this time, we all remained active, joined a traditional fitness club, but still didn’t have a passion for going to the gym.  This all changed when we discovered CrossFit.

We did not know much about CrossFit, but we made some good friends and loved what the sport and training had to offer.  Before we knew it, we were going 4-5 days a week and buying the clothes and shoes.  More importantly, my mom also found something she loved. When training got difficult, I would tell her to think about where she was and everything we went through!

While we loved the sport and our time with our friends, we knew we were missing something in the coaching.  I’ve always told Ted nothing in my life has ever come easy.  I’ve had to experience the bad before the good throughout my life.  Although we spent a year at the “wrong box,” we finally found the right one, my home away from home.  While I still work on technique, form, nutrition and everything else, I’ve made awesome friends I call family; I’ve gained muscle in places I never had (no more being tiny and I’m ok with that); I get to spend time with my family and watch my mom thrive at the sport (and get jealous at her adding weight to her lifts), all the while wanting to be a better athlete than I was the day before.

Joining Triumph has given me a new passion and love for CrossFit and exercise for that matter.  I never think of it as working out:

It’s just part of my everyday life, just like getting up and brushing your teeth.  This just happens to make me feel more awesome and make “muscle gains”!!