Steph’s Story

My CrossFit Journey….. So far!
6 months ago, a friend said, “Come to CrossFit with me! Try it!” I was judgemental and thought of the usual stereotypes. All I thought about were people running around grunting going psychotic with burpees until they were injured and in rhabdo.
What made me try it? I had been long distance running for about a year. I had trained for and ran a full marathon. A month had gone by after the marathon and I was burnt out on running. I went for a run 3 times in the month following the race and even a 4 mile run felt like 44. I just didn’t enjoy it any longer. I knew I needed something different, so I figured I would just give into the craziness and try a class.
I was in love. The workout was hard… and most importantly, DIFFERENT. I felt challenged. Everyone was so welcoming and kind. People were cheering me on just to get through a workout! The community was amazing and it was an environment I knew would keep me going when I got tired and wanted to give up.
Never in my life had I done any lifting before starting CrossFit. It didn’t interest me. The mindset of “run your butt off, literally” had always been my mantra. I figured I’d just get through the lifting, maybe get some benefit from it, but not really get crazy about it. The total opposite has happened! CrossFit can change your entire perception of fitness and make you fall in love with doing things you never thought you would. It makes you realize there are endless possibilities to goals you can set, your body can do things you never thought possible, and what you do from day to day can be completely different. In the 6 months I’ve been doing CrossFit, thanks to an amazing coach and programmer, I’ve never done the same workout TWICE!
So how has my body changed in these 6 months? Well, I am 10 pounds heavier than when I started, but I am more confident than ever with my body and what it can do. I hold my head a higher than I used to instead of looking down and being insecure about my body. I have embraced needing to buy a bigger size of jeans because of my muscular thighs and “squatters butt.” I have embraced more muscular arms and shoulders that my shirts just don’t quite fit right on any longer. My body fat has decreased by 8%, I have lost nearly 10 pounds of fat, and have gained 20 pounds of muscle.
What do all these changes relate to in performance? My back squat has gone from 63 lbs. to 175 lbs. My front squat has gone from 45 lbs. to 160 lbs. My deadlift has gone from 115 lbs. to 235 lbs. My push press has gone from 45 lbs. to 125 lbs. My push jerk has gone from 65 lbs. to 135 lbs. I have learned how to do snatches and progressed from an 18 lb. bar to 83 lbs. I have learned how to do cleans and progressed from a 33 lb. bar to 133 lbs. Lifting has truly become a passion of mine.
The WODs continue to challenge you every day regardless of how long you have been doing CrossFit and I love seeing myself have to scale the workouts less and less. I have gone from using an 8 lb. wallball to the prescribed 14 lb. wallball. Workouts with thrusters, I started with 10 lb. dumbbells and have progressed to 65 lbs. with the bar. Rope climbs were off the back from the floor and I now can do the regular rope climbs. The list is endless. CrossFit truly changes the body unlike any other sport I have seen in ALL aspects of fitness and I am so thankful to have stumbled into a box that I now call home… CrossFit Triumph!